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UNforom member renewal procedure form

*After filling in the necessary information, we will send you a procedure completion email.
​Please transfer the renewal annual membership fee to the designated account listed in the email.

[Annual membership fee discount option]

If you indicate that you are a UNform member on your homepage or SNS profile section, we will give you a ¥1,000 discount on your annual membership fee as an advertising fee.
If you would like to use the discount option, please be sure to enter the following phrase in your profile.

[UNform member] or [UNform member], [member of UNform]

*If you apply for the discount option,
Please fill in the text within one week after completing the annual renewal procedure.
I will check if it is listed in a week.
​If you have not created your own homepage, it may take some time to change the homepage, so please let us know in that case.

​Please check the check box below.


​After submitting the form, we will send you the transfer information via email, so please make the transfer within one week.
*Please contact us in advance if your payment will be delayed.


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